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    Building Blocks

    Solid State Chemistry

    Solid state chemistry research is an essential part of the innovative drug development process and can reduce the time to filing an IND application. It is also a key patent tool for innovative pharmaceutical companies to protect their product profit cycle.

    The solid state chemistry research team of PharmaBlock has professional crystallographic skill that combines the best-in-class synthesis technology, crystalline engineering capabilities, formulation technology to provide systematic solid state chemistry research and pre-formulation services that covers:

    ?  Single crystal culture and structure analysis

    ?  Polymorph/salt/cocrystal screening and research

    ?  Amorphous/co-amorphous screening and research

    ?  Solid state chemistry characterization

    ?  Solubility and dissolution performance study

    ?  Stability and hygroscopicity study

    ?  Compatibility study

    ?  IND/NDA filing and patent services

    ?  PH, PKa, LogP and powder property study

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