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    PharmaBlock Forms Strategic Partnership with Aidea for Innovative Anti-HIV Drug Development and Manufacturing

    PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. ("PharmaBlock", 300725. SZ), a leading innovative chemistry products and services provider throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process and commercialization, and Jiangsu Aidea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Aidea", 688488. SH), a pharmaceutical company focusing on innovative anti-HIV drug development, recently announced a strategic partnership for the drug development and manufacturing of integrase strand transfer inhibitor (ACC017) and long-acting anti-HIV drug R&D.


    Dr. Heliang Fu and Dr. Minmin Yang signed the strategic partnership agreement

    According to the IMS Health & Quintiles report, China's anti-HIV drugs market is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2027. Toxic side effects and drug dependences due to long-term medication is the key pain point to solve in new anti-HIV drug R&D . Therefore, the collaboration on developing innovative integrase strand transfer inhibitor and long-acting treatment drugs are expected to provide patients with more effective and safer treatments.

    PharmaBlock is committed to providing fully integrated CMC services for global partners. With the signing of this strategic cooperation, PharmaBlock will give full play to its outstanding advantages in CMC research and provide comprehensive pre-clinical development services for the ACC017 project of Aidea, including the development and manufacturing of API and drug product, and CMC filing support. PharmaBlock will also leverage its expertise in drug R&D solutions to co-develop innovative compounds for long-acting anti-HIV treatment with Aidea.


    Group photo of the leadership teams of Aidea and PharmaBlock

    "PharmaBlock has a comprehensive solution platform of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing, with excellence in innovation," said Dr. Heliang Fu, Chairman of Aidea. " We hope that by combining our strengths, we will definitely speed up the development of innovative anti-HIV drugs and change the life of HIV patients in China."

    "Aidea has outstanding advantages in the clinical development and commercialization of anti-HIV drugs. It is significant to collaborate with Aidea to develop innovative drugs in this important disease area, " said Dr. Minmin Yang, Chairman of PharmaBlock. " We are proud to support partners like Aidea to discover and develop next generation of medicines much needed by the patients."

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