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    PharmaBlock to Expand New R&D Facility in Pennsylvania for Development of Clinical-Stage APIs

    PharmaBlock (300725. SZSE), a fast-growing CDMO company and an innovative chemistry products and services provider, announced today the acquisition of a new R&D facility in West Chester, PA, USA.


    The new 4-acre facility, previously owned by Daicel Chiral Technology, will enable the development of clinical-stage APIs at PharmaBlock USA. The current building has a well-established R&D infrastructure, including eight R&D labs ranging from 350-1,850 ft2 and fifteen fume hoods of various types and sizes. PharmaBlock USA plans to renovate existing lab space into Process R&D labs, GMP kilo labs, and a pilot plant. The fully renovated facility is expected to move in by the middle of next year. The current Hatfield facility, 32 miles away from the new R&D center, will still be used for sales, catalog business, shipping logistics, and analytical services.


    “The increasing CMC demands from the innovative Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are driving us to continuously expanding our R&D and manufacturing capacity. The West Chester facility is an essential expansion to our US R&D capability and will support the growth of our global business,” says Dr. Jing Li, President of PharmaBlock USA.


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