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    Building Blocks

    Overview & Highlights

    To add on value for our distinguished customers, PharmaBlock is providing process development, new technologies, and manufacturing solutions of intermediates, drug substance and drug products for development and commercial stages. 

    Our Services

    ?  Optimal route scouting

    ?  Quick supply of building blocks and RSMs

    ?  FFS and FTE for process research and development of intermediates and APIs

    ?  Impurity studies and synthesis

    ?  Analytical development & quality control

    ?  cGMP manufacturing of intermediates and APIs

    ?  Formulation research and development

    ?  CMC regulatory filing support


    Unique advantages based on building blocks expertise:

    ?  Innovative route scouting & fast delivery

    ?  Sustainable supply and cost control of building blocks, derivatives and similar compounds as raw materials

    ?  Raw material suppliers accumulated for stable supply chain

    Complete CDMO service system:

    ?  Well established Quality, EHS and IP protection system

    ?  Professional project management and delivery teams

    ?  GMP manufacturing facility (FDA GMP inspected with no Form 483s issued)

    Chemistry & engineering technologies:

    ?  Enable safer, greener and more efficient solutions

    ?  Click here for more information about the chemistry and engineering technology platform

    Key Capabilities


    500+ scientists
    to move your projects at full speed
    Learn More


    250+ m3 reactor volume
    with multi-purpose operation units
    Learn More
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